The web resource for the 8051/52 microcontroller family

Welcome to my brand new web site about the 8051/52 microprocessors family, the aim of this web site is to develop  new interfaces and circuits based on this processor. When I say new I mean something that can not be found on the market. This is the only case when self construction has a meaning and a reason to still exist. In the Project page we are going to present some new and original projects, in some cases you'll be able to follow the development from the idea to the final relization including all the critical steps and doubts that could arise during the design process toghether with the reasoning that could take to a solution. The interface branch is a collection of standard interface tecniques both hardware and software. The idea is to have a set of standard base platforms to be used to develop more complex circuits.   In the Java section you'll find some useful serial port interface software toghether with some fancy graphical user interfaces. In a near future an introduction course about the 8051 will be added. Meanwhile I can only suggest some books. Here below a list of books about the 8051.

Title                                                Author                    

Programming and customizing
the 8051 Microcontroller                Myke Predko              

Programming and interfacing                                         
the 8051 Microcontroller in C         Sencer Yeralan          
and Assembly                                Helen Emery             

Embedded C                                  Michael J.Pont           

Patterns for time triggered                                             
embedded systems                        Michael J.Pont           

C and the 8051 3rd edition            Thomas Shultz          

The 8051/8052                                                              
microcontroller                               Craig Steiner            

Internetworking Eight-bit               Sencer Yeralan        
microcontrollers                             Helen Emery